Friday, March 16, 2012

Sports News

Yesterday was a great day for both the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams; the girls’ team won easily, extending their winning streak to three games. Also, the Daley boys pulled away to win by twenty points in their first win of the season against the Pyne Arts. They played stellar defense, and despite a tough start to the season look ready for another away game on Monday against the Butler, before both teams close out the season with a home game against the Bartlett. Good luck to both the girls’ and boys’ teams, and we hope to see plenty of fans at the games.

In a busy time for middle school sports, the try-outs for volleyball took place this week, and will continue next week to make the final decision for who will make the girls’ and boys’ volleyball teams. Good luck to all of those who are participating in the try-outs and we look forward to the volleyball season, which starts shortly in April.

Finally, some news from cross-country. As a lot of you know, the fall cross-country season was unfortunately cancelled after rain and snow made running conditions too dangerous, and too many of the meets were cancelled. However, the directors of the event have generously decided to hold another cross-country season for the middle schools, which will begin this April. The coach has decided to hold a meeting and a practice at Shedd Park at 1:00 on Sunday afternoon, and all students of the Daley interested in participating in this year’s cross country season are welcome to come.

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